Birds of a Feather


So here’s the craft this week folks!

An easy, but time consuming piece. Frame it and it makes a cute addition to any wall! (Also an unique and personal gift idea)

The materials for this little number are CHEAP! and easy to find. Coloured felt sheets, a large needle, and embroidery thread. All these materials can beĀ found at Dollarama. My one stop shop..

I wanted this project to be bright and fun, childish. Once I pick up a frame, It’ll be a permanent fixture in my 3 month old Nephew’s room. Lucky Carter?…

I decided on a bird after much debate, there were so many options! That’s one of the best things about this project. You have the liberty to give it exactly the feel you want. Could be seasonal, personal, or just simple! It doesn’t matter.

I found a picture of a bird online which I liked the shape of, I quickly sketched it out, then got snippin’.

Choose how much stitching you want to incorporate into this project accordingly. The more stitching you decide on, the more blood. sweat and tears you’ll put into this little number. The stitching portion of this project takes the majority of the time you’ll put into it.

I watched a few short videos on different stitch techniques, and then boom. The real fun began. In this craft I think the little details really make it work. Add something a little extra to a corner or two and see what happens.

You can always cut the thread if you’re not happy with the way it looks.

I got to try different stitch techniques, play around with colours, and add all the detail I felt (a pun, you get it?!) necessary.

Get creative and have fun!








Starting off small

So I’ve seen these ‘love’ rings posted all over the internet and just had to give them a try myself.

They looked straightforward enough, but I wasn’t about to fool myself into thinking they would be quick. Things just have a way of looking more simple online, and I’ve been fooled before (I’m looking at you, ‘easy overnight oats’…)

So after a trip to Michaels for some inexpensive wire, I prepared myself for the worst. An hour, I thought. Minimum.

Beginners’ luck you might say, but the ring took me no more then 20 minutes. It was quick and painless. I could hardly believe it… When in the history of the world has a ‘quick craft’ happened?! Never. Its happened never.

My first speedy step was to cut piece of wire, I made it longer then I though It would need to be. No regrets. YOLO.

Then it came to spelling out the letters, and WOW that took some focus. I was glad to have two pairs of pliers, one with a rounded nose and one with a flat nose. It was the flat nose pliers, which were especially handy when it came time for the ‘v’, I came uncomfortably close to having a ring which read ‘loue’…

I order the shape the ring most effectively I just used a marker which was roughly the size of my finger and wrapped the wire around it.

Once I was happy with the fit, I cut the extra bits off both sides and used my round nose pliers to curl the ends.

BesidesĀ being quick and easy, this craft is awesome because there’s the option to make it more personal. ‘love’ is fine, but food is better. Next time I pull out the pliers, I’ll have to problem solve my way through crafting a ‘d’ with wire.


The pliers, flat nosed and round.

my finger, the size of a HI-LITER- gave the ring its shape

The 'love' ring- Lucky for you I'm also a hand model

The ‘love’ ring- Lucky for you I’m also a hand model