Christmas Cookies and Card Crafting ( and alliteration!)

Ginger cookies are to Christmas what Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are to Halloween….

a holiday staple.


Your holiday gathering is not complete until you’ve got ginger cookies to complement those ugly Christmas sweaters.

As I mentioned before in my ‘cheers to eighty-six years’ post, I love crafting cards. So this week in an attempt to share that passion with my friends, I decided to host a holiday card crafting get together. Needless to say, there were ginger cookies involved

In preparation for the evening, I went to Dollarama and picked up a few festive themed good, including this nutty silver sparkly tape, and some adorable felt poinsettias, than we were ready to go.

My besties came over and we got right to work. Cardstock for days, so much glitter, and only one pair of scissors (oopps!), we whipped together a bunch of really, really ridiculously good looking Christmas cards.

Holy cow my friends are talented crafters, and my goodness they’re quick at crafting.

Cute cards were made, laughs were had, and cookies were enjoyed

A good way to spend an evening with great friends, I suggest all you crafters put together an evening like this for yourself- just don’t forget the ginger cookies.

The final products... So legit.

The final products… So legit.

Christine and her main (snow)man

Christine and her main (snow)man

Lani the teacher in her natural habitat

Lani the teacher in her natural habitat

Girls gone wiiild

Girls gone wiiild

IMG_6567 IMG_6566

Working hard, looking cute.

Working hard, looking cute.

Definitely up to no good.

Definitely up to no good

The silver sparkle tape was used...

The silver sparkle tape was used…


No shame in her crafting game.

No shame in her crafting game.


.....making her mom proud

…..making mom proud

IMG_6553 IMG_6552

The CUTEST card around

The CUTEST card around

IMG_6550 IMG_6548

Lani's first masterpiece

Lani’s first masterpiece

IMG_6545 IMG_6543 IMG_6534

I guess it smelly good?...

I guess it smells good?…

Syd took some close ups...

Syd took some close ups…

The crafter hard at work

of the crafters hard at work


Tis’ the Season

So, Christmas is here.

No, you say. It’s still November, you say.


Well, you’re wrong.

I know that because last night I went to a craft sale, and it was head to toe mistletoe.

People were INTO it, the whole Christmas craft sale thing.

At the RBC Convention Center this weekend, the fabulous Signatures Craft Show & Sale is happening. Thursday through Sunday this craft sale will be hanging out there, selling everything from light bulbs to gelato.

Last night the place was packed with senior citizens buying stocking stuffers like their life depended on it.

Wooden watches, if I only had the cash

Wooden watches, if I only had the cash

Just a few..

This guy was boss, made the craziest paper cards of life.

This guy , the card maker himself… so impressive

Yeah that's a duck, and a lamp... It's a duck lamp.

Yeah that’s a duck, and a lamp… It’s a duck lamp.

row and rows of christmas tree toppers

row and rows of christmas tree toppers, all angels


Hand-beaded clutches, if I were only a lady.

Hand-beaded clutches, if I were only a lady.

Framed prints for the home  owner fancies

Framed prints for the home owner fancies

Mitts made out of sweaters, cause they're clever like that.

Mitts made out of sweaters, cause they’re clever like that.

Hand-made wooden board games... If I were only a 11 year old boy...

Hand-made wooden board games… If I were only a 11 year old boy…

Definitely considered buying this for the brother... I didn't and I definitely regret.

Definitely considered buying this for the brother… I didn’t and I definitely regret.

Lani just reliving her toddler days.

Lani just reliving her toddler days.

Based out of Winnipeg these guys sell beet based everything.

Based out of Winnipeg these guys sell beet based everything.

This guy.. Such a gem. Sold me some Maple butter (first Christmas gift of the season...)

This guy.. Such a gem. Sold me some Maple butter (first Christmas gift of the season…)

Straight from Quebec. So legit

Straight from Quebec. So legit

All these sweaters though....too amazing.

All these sweaters though….too amazing.

If these pictures peaked your interest even just a bit… make your way to the craft sale, NOW. You won’t regret.

So you’re looking for a place to start christmas gift purchasing, or you’ve already bought all your gifts, and are just looking for the last few stocking stuffers..

This weekend, the RBC Convention Center is the place to be!



This week, we’re taking a break from the art of crafting to focus on a different art…


Now I know this is going to come as sad news, but it wash’t me who hit the stage…

This week as part of a Journalism assignment, the CreComm crew hit up the Rachel Brown Theatre to watch the Theatre Projects Manitoba performance of Proud.

Is that a play about a gay couple? A zombie apocalypse? you’re probably asking.


Proud is a play about Canadian politics…. and spoiler alert: it is awesome.

The play managed to make politics cool. How on Earth?…. Humour. It used humour.

Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper was played by guy named Ross McMillan. The resemblance is too real.


Those dudes have some great hair though am I right?

But even though the hair in this play was on point, I most enjoyed how the playwright, Michael Healy, interpreted and explained Canadian politics in a relatable way.

There were hamburger analogies, and motherfreakin’ hash browns and scotch which I’m pretty convinced was apple juice.

The play was engaging, thought provoking, and funny. Really funny.

I attended a play this summer, which was ACTUALLY about a zombie apocalypse. At the time I though it was clever and interactive but a little boring, and maybe sort of unorganized. After having seen Proud, I now KNOW it was boring and unorganized, because Proud just such a well put together piece in comparison.

The play ended with a Harper sex scene, and then the CreComm crew harassed the actors with questions during a talkback session. I didn’t feel like I gained a lot from the talkback session, but that was mostly just because I was confused as to what exactly a talkback session entails… Do you ask questions about the play? the performers? BOTH?!

So although I still have some questions about the talkback session, I did get some important questions answered this week regarding Canadian politics.

And that, my crafties, is all for now.


Marbled Mugs



Congrats on making it this far.

I mean that both in the sense that it’s Friday so weekend is almost here, AND that you’ve made it back to this blog for another fun filled craft.

Way to go champ.

The latter potion of my first statement is especially true because this week’s craft is a mug. A MUG! Doesn’t get more filled then a mug. AND, as your stereotypical white girl, I’m an authority on mugs. I love them; the way they look, the warm drinks they hold. Mug and I are in a long-term relationship… and I’m unapologetic about it.

Mug took a selfie

Mug’s first selfie

Another fun white girl fact about me is this, I ‘pin’ a lot. Like, I use the Pinterest machine quite a bit. So it really should come as no surprise that it was on this site, that I first stumbled across the ‘marbled mug’.

A marbled mug! What fun.

After a bit more investigation into the project, I realized the materials needed were quite simple.

-One ceramic mug

-Nail polish (one or two colours)

-One large disposable bowl or container

Choosing the color of nail polish you’re going to use for this project is crucial. Don’t use your limited edition OPI Khloe Kardashian Purple, unless you’re looking to finish the bottle (and I know you’re not, because that colour is fab, so stick to the Bieber blues).

I wanted a darker color to use for this project, and just happened to have a bottle of nail polish the shade of Avatar. I bought some months ago thinking it’d be adorable, then boom, was shocked when I realized blue is an awful colour for nails.

Also, a pie plate or something disposable is a good idea for the container, because it will have nail polish in it, and that can get messy.

So anyways, after I rinsed the mug of dust, grabbed some deep blue polish, and filled the container with water, I was ready to rock.

the film in that water is FIERCE.

the film in that water is FIERCE.

Dropped quite a lot of polish into the water (too much) and watched the reaction happen. Most of the polish sunk to the bottom, but a little bit of it stayed right at the top and separated into a thin film. I dipped the mug into the water and boom! I had this tissue paper like film transferred permanently onto my $1 mug. It was awesome. Like, seriously so cool. There was some kind of crazy science happening that only my BF Jenna would understand. I just embraced the nonsense, cause the mug looked cool.

In terms of being dishwasher friendly, I’d guess no… But the paint does seems fairly solid so I’ll hand wash it after it’s first use and see what happens…

Awesome craft idea because it’s so ‘unique’… (sorry Kenton). I could easily still dip the mug in another colour, or even use remover and take off the polish in places. Oh the beauty of artistic interpretation!

I’m gonna leave you with a few more pics of the new boyfriend.

Mug straight chillin

He was made in China

Yup, he was made in China

Til next time!