Limb Appreciation Week

Remember that time we made ‘love’ rings together? yeah, it was pretty precious.

I feel like that whole process would have been significantly more awkward if I was missing fingers. Not necessarily, but probably.

This week, working with power tools (the planer in particular…) I came to really appreciate my fingers, and was able to recognize that losing a finger or a few would be a pretty big bummer, not to mention messy.

We started with the table saw, cutting our wood to the proper width. Our plan was to cut the wood just over double the length of the wood leg. So because we want each leg to stand 1 1/4 inch by 1 1/4 inch… we cut the width of our wood at 2  1/2 inches with the intention of eventually stacking the pieces and gluing them all together.

Table swain action

Pushed that piece of wood through the saw at a record breaking slow speed.

Burnt the wood cause the table saw gives me anxiety, YIKES.

Burnt the wood cause I went too slow, YIKES.

Once we had our strips cut, we had to toss them through the planer to make sure they were flat. Cause that’s apparently what a planer** does…. **planers are known to steal fingers. Even more dangerous than the table saw cause it’s got a kick to it. My fear of this machine was paralysing. It’s cute you think I’m kidding. I ACTUALLY COULD NOT MOVE.

Happily let Dennis do the dirty (bloody...) work.

Happily let Dennis do the dirty (bloody…) work.

and after the planer, we put the strips through the Jointer. Multiple times. As far as I understand, the planer and the jointer do pretty much the same thing, except the planer ends lives where as the jointer just causes permanent hearing loss. Priorities, ammirite?

Jointer, don't know what it does.. but my god it's loud.

Jointer, don’t know what it does.. but my god it’s loud.

ANNND, there we were with three perfectly flat pieces of maple. It was time for the fun part….

Perfectly applied table glue.  Best part of the leg-making process

Perfectly applied table glue. Best part of the leg-making process

Wood glue! I would eat that stuff for breakfast if it were non-toxic. It’s not.

7 clamps... maybe a bit excessive.

7 clamps, 30 inches. Too much?…

Some might say we went overboard on the clamps…..

Haters gonna hate.

Squeezing the life outta them.

Squeezing the life outta them.

Once these dry…legs phase two begins.

Until then,



And so it begins

Well folks,

We chose maple… and it had nothing to do with being patriotic.

Maple is just such a beauty of a wood, how could we not?…

Not to say that oak isn’t nice too, but we’re not using it for our table, therefore, it’s inferior.

Questionable logic.. I realize this, but great news: don’t care even a bit. #maple4lyfe

As a kid who took grade 12 applied math twice (and only in part because I was crushing on Mr. N… jk?)… I can tell you with confidence woodworking requires an adequate understanding of math. You’ve gotta know proportions and divisions and a whack load of that non-sense. That’s not to say woodworking is impossible for the math illiterate, buuuut it’s not the best part of the process.

Fortunately, my dad is an engineer and quite skilled with the those number things, so he sorted it out.

The original plans which we altered... a lot.

The original plans which we altered… a lot.

So after finding the actual plans for the table in my dad’s woodworking magazine, it was time to draw it out to get a sense of proportions, and make any alterations we felt necessary.

The gist of things.

The gist of things.

and then, we drew the width of the legs to scale.

On the top right is a to-scale drawing of the the table legs

On the top right is a to-scale drawing of the the table legs

but another important part of the process is understanding what piece of wood your going to use for what part of the furniture. My pops helped me out with this one…

All the wood we'll require for this project

All the wood we’ll require for this project

Gluing together these pieces, we'll get the proper width for the legs.

Gluing together these pieces, we’ll get the proper width for the legs.

Super into this knot... definitely want to make make sure it doesn't go unnoticed.

Super into this knot… definitely want to make make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Those grains are just UNREEEAL... jk, no idea what I'm saying right now

Those grains are just UNREEEAL… jk, no idea what I’m saying right now

So until next week, keep crafting (tables?…)



This week in craft land,The super craft of 2015 continued as my dad and I furthered our plans for the table. Oak or Maple? that is the question… this whole planning furniture thing is quite time consuming, so no other updates or pictures on that front for now.

As the “Je Suis Charlie” campaign continues to gain attention, I feel thankful this week for freedom of speech, and freedom in general. Be it what I say, how I dress, or who I talk to, I feel privileged to be able to make those decisions for myself. I wish for the future that more people are able to express themselves as they feel appropriate, free of judgement.

I’m also thankful for friendship. Thankful for those people in my life that make it worth living (holy cheese I’m feeling sentimental)… This week, two of my dearest friends celebrated birthdays and because its the best way I know how to say ‘thanks for being a pal’, the craft this week was birthday cards.

I sketched roughly 20 faces. Some more adorable than others, I eventually produced two winners.

The final products, plus a few rough drafts...

The final products, plus a few rough drafts…

Until next time,


New Year, New (super big) Craft

I’m Baaaack!

Yupp, you better believe I said that in the CREEPIEST tone imaginable. Like, shivers down your back, goosebumps on your arms, ‘stop right now’, just really awful.

#sorrynotsorry betches, I’m back. and this year the blog is going to be better than ever.


The most bad-ass super craft of 2015, obviously.

Yeah, you guessed it… I’m going to craft a table. A real life table made of wood and glue and stuff.

So to give you a little background on this master plan of mine, newly retired Papa Pickerl (my dad…) is a very talented woodworker. He’s made tables and chairs and bed frames all all this other really impressive stuff.

So because he’s got time, and I’ve got blogging. We decided to team up. CUTE ammirite?  …

The idea is that I’m going to craft a table and he is going to (CLOSELY) supervise.

The first step of the project, as explained by my dad… was to choose the style of table I wanted to make. I checked out and looked at the plans & projects, because… thats what he told me to do. So there I was, straight scrolling. After spending some serious time, and losing a piece of my soul in the process, I came across IT. The winner.  Named the Drop-Leaf and Gate-Leg table, this number is an absolute beauty. Described best by my dad as “Danish Modern.”

woodworking tbl

it’s pretty much an IKEA table, and I’m a huge fan.

It’d be fair to say my dad doesn’t love it, but too bad I don’t care.

Just kidding, I care a bit…

We’re still doing it though cause he’s a gem and I’m…. persuasive?

So anyways, stayed tuned because next week there’s going to be some wood crafting happening and you really don’t want to miss any of the hilarity.

Till next time!