Foxy Epoxy

Hi crafters!

Chiselled away at a bit more of super craft this week

See what I did there? chisel, woodworking… A pun!


Anyways, HUGE fan of the old ‘knots in wood’ look… so beautiful.

Apparently I’m alone on this though because woodworkers traditionally consider knots in wood a defect, and they try to avoid them at all costs. AWKWARD…

Lucky for you I don’t consider myself a woodworker, so those rules don’t apply… I say let the freak flag fly… we’re showing off the knots.

Unfortunately knots are just a little hole-e, and (k)not ideal for a tabletop AT ALL.

This is where the epoxy comes into play…

Mr. White that you?

Mr. White that you?

One green bottle, one red… you mix these two sketchy substances to create one STRONGLY scented glue like substance that fills those knots like a badass.

I used a silver spatula to mix ‘er up…

Just mingling

Just mingling

Then came the application…

Jammin' it

Jammin’ it

And just like that, it was over. Fair to say I’m already looking for another excuse to epoxy.


These knots are going to look SO badass, holy cow.

That’s all for now.



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