Done, but never finished- knowledge lasts a lifetime

Could not think of a more appropriate way to finish off my first year in Creative Communications than a craft which incorporates knowledge I’ve learnt this year while in my of the Creative Communications program.

Adobe Indesign has been such an interesting program to learn this past year. Fancying myself creative, but certainly not tech-savy, the idea of desktop publishing was daunting.

My first few assignment in my electronic publishing class were less than impressive. Lucky for me, I eventually figured out the pen tool. Note to anyone who cares: the pen tool is IMPORTANT. Found that one out the hard way….

This week I’m crafting a image in InDesign to print then frame.

Not a concept I’m overly familiar with, Im eager to see how it will turn out.

Pictures to come when the final product is printed!

Happy summer-breaking!



The home stretch

Did the expression “home stretch” originate in Baseball? I feel like it did but I have no facts to back that up, and regardless it doesn’t really matter cause I’m certainly not talking baseball.

I’m talking about the last week of school, and finishing up the super craft of ’15.

As stated in a previous post, this table will be done for the end of semester. Which means this is my second last week .

Lucky for me, my dad took over the construction of this table because he wants to make room in his workshop for other projects. Things have been moving along quickly since then.

Those legs... that apron. All the pieces came together nicely

Those legs… that apron. All the pieces together at last 

My dad gave the table top some curves and daaaayum, they look good.

Those rounded sides certainly weren't simple. ASK DENNIS FOR DETAILS.

Those rounded sides certainly weren’t simple. ASK DENNIS FOR DETAILS.

So all that’s left is varnishing this little number. I’m thinking the lighter the better, just accentuate what’s already there.

That’s all for now,


Top notchin’

It’s painfully obvious I’m a first time woodworker because weeks ago I was telling you guys we were done with the actual woodworking portion of this project. I WAS DEAD WRONG.

That was a complete lie…. there was more woodworking to be done. SO MUCH MORE.

I’m not complaining because I got a couple weeks left blogging with you guys and these two projects are aligning themselves perfectly. I planned it?!…. JK. Complete luck :/

After notching out large pieces of wood in the legs of the table, we (Dennis) set up the table saw so we could craft the apron of the table to fit.

The saw did pretty much all the work for us once Dennis set it up. All I had to do was push  the pieces through the machine, but it certainly hasn’t gotten any less terrifying.

There I am pushin wood. Easiest part of the process and I was FREAKIN'

There I am pushin wood. Easiest part of the process but still terrifying because I like my fingers.

after the table saw, we (not me) finished it off manually.



BOOM, fit like a glove. Excuse the cliche.

BOOM, fit like a glove. 

Laughin cause I'm standing there like I made it. I DIDN'T.

Laughin cause I’m standing there like I made it. I DIDN’T.

I’m going to keep working my table saw game hard so I can finish this table off on a high note.

Until next time!



Sooo…. I wrote a magazine, ALL ABOUT PIZZA.

When I say “I”, I mean we. There was a team of us, Four to be exact.

We started the project in early January. The first order of business was deciding WHAT to write about. Coaching? Religion? nope. Pizza obviously.

We wrote a couple articles, put together some ads, added some other awesome content and boom, published. JK it wasn’t that simple. but it’s done now and we’re happy about it.

Yesterday we had our magazine fair which was AWESOME. All the groups showing off months of hard work with elaborate displays, there were crepes, temporary tats, helium balloons… and pizza, of course.

The pizza man, known to some as Ryan... he was giving away free hugs, and it was hilariously awkward.

The pizza man, known to some as Ryan… he was giving away free hugs, and it was hilariously awkward.

When I say pizza, I am referring to this guy… the pizza guy, and my fellow teammate Ryan. He walked around for four hours in yellows tights and hardly anything else… aint that cheesy?

The set up of our 'The Slice' booth, that poster... yeah I crafted it.

The set up of our ‘The Slice’ booth, that poster… yeah I crafted it.

The fair was pretty fantastic, a great celebration of everyones hard work.

With the magazine projects officially over, its time to focus on the next big one.

That’s all for now!


Tools are Cool?

Putting the pieces together is harder than it looks.

Let me tell you something… those “final touches”….. take TIME.

This week we used square drill to add detail to our pretty wooden legs. A SQUARE DRILL! That exists. WHAT?



We screwed the drill into a MASSIVE machine and got to work.

Drill pressing the life out of those legs

Drill pressing the life out of those legs

After a proper set-up… This task was quite mindless, and oddly therapeutic.

After the drill, we notched out the extra bits manually. By we, I mean he… my dad. Dennis. Thanks Dennis.

Those are not my hands.....

Those are not my hands…..

Before and after.. Dennis does good work.

Before and after.. Dennis does good work.

Some neat tools and a cool product….  TOOLS ARE COOL.

Do not be confused… this does not apply to all aspects of life.

Coming together.

Slowly but surely, it’s all coming together.

Until next time,


Putting the pieces together

Remember when we started the super craft of 2015? WAYYY back in January?

Yeah, neither do I… feels like a lifetime ago.

Three months deep and SO much has happened. Along side an incredible team I’ve crafted a magazine (all about pizza, you’re welcome), travelled new places (Morris, MB. wuddup), planned a trip (Central America watch out…) and soon to be added to the list, built a coffee table.

We’ve officially got all the pieces of the table crafted, now it’s just a matter of putting it all together.

With the exception of tapering the table legs, the WOODWORKING portion of this project is done. What’s left is the fine details. Gluing and staining, all the fun stuff.

Until next time,

Keep on grinding.


Foxy Epoxy

Hi crafters!

Chiselled away at a bit more of super craft this week

See what I did there? chisel, woodworking… A pun!


Anyways, HUGE fan of the old ‘knots in wood’ look… so beautiful.

Apparently I’m alone on this though because woodworkers traditionally consider knots in wood a defect, and they try to avoid them at all costs. AWKWARD…

Lucky for you I don’t consider myself a woodworker, so those rules don’t apply… I say let the freak flag fly… we’re showing off the knots.

Unfortunately knots are just a little hole-e, and (k)not ideal for a tabletop AT ALL.

This is where the epoxy comes into play…

Mr. White that you?

Mr. White that you?

One green bottle, one red… you mix these two sketchy substances to create one STRONGLY scented glue like substance that fills those knots like a badass.

I used a silver spatula to mix ‘er up…

Just mingling

Just mingling

Then came the application…

Jammin' it

Jammin’ it

And just like that, it was over. Fair to say I’m already looking for another excuse to epoxy.


These knots are going to look SO badass, holy cow.

That’s all for now.